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This internship programme has been designed to kindle legal graduates /law students in applying their knowledge and skills in a manner that is conducive to logical and legal reasoning. This internship aims to hone the legal acumen of legal graduates /law students through new experiences of being involved in legal projects.

The programme enables you to observe and reflect upon the values, ethical standards and conduct of the legal profession in practice and to develop your own career of professional responsibility.

The objective of this programme is to enable students to undertake challenging career after completion of legal course.


  • 4th and 5th year law students of 5-year law course (Either B.A. LLB.; BSL.LLB or B.B.A. LLB.);
  • 2nd and 3rd year law students of 3-year L.L.B course; and
  • Law Graduates;
  • We undertake students of above mentioned eligibility because they can put theory into practice and identify the relevance of what they have learned in their curriculum to the workplace.
  • We do not discriminate on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, marital status, age or place of birth.


The duration of internship shall be for a maximum of 4 weeks and shall begin in batch.


  • Applicants are required to fill the Application Form which is available on the Internship Page of our Website; Applicants must carefully answer questions such as Area of interest, where do you see yourself as a legal professional 5 years down the lane etc.;
  • Applicants must upload their C.V. against the Application Form in pdf/word formats only.
  • An article, on any of the topics as mentioned against the Application Form should be uploaded through the website. The Article should range between 300-400 words. Applicants are strictly advised against submitting plagiarized articles.
  • Applicants shall mention the Court / Tribunal of their choice which they would like to visit, to observe proceedings during their internship programme.
  • Once a complete Application Form is received by HR, the same shall be sent to any of the lawyers for scrutiny on aspects such as writing skills, plagiarism and legal knowledge etc.
  • In case the lawyer finds the Article to be acceptable and in conformity with the requirements as desired by the Firm, he/she shall inform the HR about the same;
  • For every article confirmed by any of the lawyers, a confirmation mail shall be sent to the respective candidate confirming her candidature. The mail shall contain details of documents to be carried on first day, dress code, code of conduct etc.
  • In case any Application Form is rejected, the concerned candidate shall be informed in writing about the reasons for such rejection; the final authority with regard to the selection/rejection of Application Forms shall remain solely with the Management of the Firm.


  • The HR shall introduce the intern to all the lawyers and make him/her acquainted with the office premise.
  • As far as possible, the HR shall address the intern, on the first day of Internship, informing him/her about the general Rules & regulations, dress code, point of contact etc.


  • The Lawyers shall endeavor to allocate interns with assignment(s) as per their area of interest (as mentioned in the Application Form); however, the same shall be contingent to the assignments available.
  • That such allocation of assignment(s) shall be through e-mails (as far as possible). The HR shall be marked copy for all e-mails relating to allocation of assignment(s) (hr@anevagi.com).
  • Specific roles shall include:
  • observing office procedures
  • handling and reading files, including documents associated with them;
  • undertaking research;
  • preparing forms or drafting basic documents and letters;
  • attending / observing court proceedings;
  • At any point of time of non-legal work shall not be done by interns. The role of intern though shall not include photocopying of documents, filing of documents etc.
  • The HR shall endeavor to ensure at least 1 court visit (Court/Tribunal of the intern’s choice) for each and every intern, wherein he/she shall accompany a lawyer to court to either watch proceedings and/or participate in activities like filing of documents/receiving certified copies etc.
  • Interns shall be required to maintain a list of articles/research/activities assigned to them during the tenure of their internship and get it signed by the concerned lawyer at the conclusion of their tenure.


As far as possible, the Firm shall endeavor to organize at least one training session of 30 mins on subjects including but not limited to:

  • Information Security & Forensics – Cyber Team
  • Effective usage of legal research sites for better legal research;
  • I.P.R.;
  • Operation of MCA Website;
  • Compliance in land related matters;
  • Basics of Accounting

These sessions shall depend solely on the availability of the concerned associates.


  • At the conclusion of the internship, the intern can voluntarily take up a topic/case study based on their internship experience/ area of interest.
  • The intern shall present on the said topic it for 15mins. Interns may refer to Notes, PowerPoint presentation etc. to present on the topic. The said Presentation shall be followed by an interactive session with the Lawyers. The presentation aims at developing argument skills and renders working knowledge of various legal subjects.
  • The Intern shall be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation at the conclusion of the Internship.

We strongly discourage practice of remaining present for few days and seeking certificate for the same.