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Data Security

Why ISO is important for Law Firms

Quality Management:

ISO 9001:2008, an internationally recognized standard for an organisation’s internal quality management entails consistent focus on the client, efficient management of processes and also continual improvement so as to facilitate productive interaction between an organization and its Clients. In order to facilitate accessibility to information and to reduce inadvertent discrepancies, the ISO standard required us to undergo a rigorous exercise of documenting all our processes down to the last detail; this included everything from analyzing and de-coding to homologation of the Quality Management System (QMS), streamlining Client communication and feedback management, the filing and library system, identification of Key Responsible Areas and Key Performance Indicators, standardization of drafts, etc.

Information Security Management System:

ISO 27001:2013 is an international standard for the Information Security Management System that protects the confidentiality and integrity of information belonging to organisations by establishing suitable procedures and implementing adequate data security controls to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

Contrary to popular opinion, ISO 27001, does not cater to only IT specific organisations but in fact also addresses the unique challenges regularly faced by law firms, who on a day to day basis receive confidential information across numerous clients. The nature of the matters being mostly confidential, it is the growing demand of the law as well as today’s Clientele that the confidentiality of data remains uncompromised. Since, the functioning of a law firm is primarily centered on data, we at Abhay Nevagi & Associates place utmost importance on the privacy of Client data. With immense confidential client data coming into our Offices and computer systems every day, in physical as well as electronic form, now seemed as good a time as any for us to implement this international standard certifying Information Security Management.

What Being Certified under ISO Means to us:

Getting certified under ISO required us to undergo an extensive audit that reviewed every facet of our operations, including our processes, procedures, client management, feedback mechanism, and information security infrastructure and management protocols. This process, though demanding has been an enriching experience wherein we as an organization came out better informed of the impact and consequences of effective information security, an aspect lesser known to most organizations.

We have always aspired to streamline our systems and also promoted a culture of continuous improvement to better serve our clients. The attainment of these certificates recognizes the commitment of our the Firm in adopting internationally accepted best practices aimed at improving our business performance by providing quality services while also ensuring the utmost degree of confidentiality, integrity and availability of client data and information. Being internationally certified for our quality and information Security management has validated our motto to provide quality services to our Clients, which is and will always be our core belief.